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When planning a trip to Singapore (or a “staycation”), a visit to one of the 350 national parks and/or 4 nature reserves is a must. Aside from the warm weather year-round, our national parks have unique flora and fauna. The best times to visit Singapore are the months between summer and winter. December is the wettest month and the hottest month is February. There are two monsoon seasons, which are December – March (northeast) and June – September (southwest).

National parks tell a great deal about the country they are in by their size, the species that live in them and their natural features (e.g waterfalls). They give visitors customized travel experiences, especially if on an ecotour. Below are some of the most popular national parks in Singapore to explore.  


  • Bukit Batok Nature Park — It’s called an urban park because it’s within Singapore city limits. This serene park features hiking and bike trails as well as a World War II memorial plague. The pond at the entrance is what is left from the old quarry the park was built on. Also, there are scenic overlooks that provide stunning views as well as a playground, venue and fitness area.
  • East Coast Park — Located on the east coast of Singapore, this park is for sports enthusiasts. There is 15 kilometers (9.32 miles) of coastline for biking, roller blading, cable skiing as well as wonderful spots for picnics and barbecues. There’s also the Xtreme SkatePark that has plenty of ramps and pits for skateboarders. You won’t have to leave the park to get a bite to eat. East Coast Park has a number of restaurants, bars and cafes, so you can watch the beach while having a drink!
  • Chestnut Nature Park — Divided into two sections, this park is for those who love to hike and bike. It’s the first park to have designated biking and hiking trails, which are separated by barriers. There are a total of 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) of biking trails and 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) of hiking trails. For mountain biking enthusiasts, there is a pump track that has various skill levels. It’s also home to the Straw-headed Bulbul and Brown-chested Jungle Flycatcher — both are globally-threatened species!


No matter which park you choose to visit, you are sure to experience the natural beauty Singapore has to offer. At Ducatus, we can make planning your trip to Singapore easy with our travel packages. Plus, if you use Ducatus coin to book your trip, you will enjoy a discount!