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If you travel as much as I do, having the best travel gear not only helps to simplify packing but also improves organization. Each year, there is something new and exciting in travel gear. Whether it’s a compact umbrella or a multi-use toiletry bag, these items make traveling fun and less stressful. There is nothing more frustrating than experiencing a broken wheel on a suitcase or having to throw out shampoo at the airport because it was in an unapproved container. Here are some of the latest in travel gear to help you pack for your next trip quicker and better.  

 1) Tanto Laptop Tote Bag ​– This bag has plenty of storage space for your devices, pens, and laptop – each having their own compartment. It’s the perfect size to take on excursions as well as to meetings. Its water-resistant material also ensures that your electronics will stay dry during bad weather. Plus, it has a charging port which makes charging a lot easier in airports.  

2) Samsonite Electronic Luggage Scale​ – With this device, you can now get an accurate weight of your bags ​even before ​heading to the airport. It’s certainly handy, especially when you are returning home with souvenirs in your bags. This luggage scale will be helpful while planning how to evenly distribute weight among your bags so you can avoid getting hit with baggage fees. 

3) Morphie Powerstation XXL​ — No one likes getting stuck with a dead device. This portable charging station may look small, but it can provide up to 100 hours of battery life. Best of all, you can charge multiple devices at the same time.

4) Tile Pro with Replaceable Battery ​– Having an electronic tracker on your luggage enables you to find it quickly, especially in a crowded baggage claim area. This version of the Tile also has space for replaceable batteries. It easily attaches to your valuables, including luggage, purse, keys, and wallet. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, the tile monitors your device’s location via Bluetooth. You can then “ping” your Tile tracker remotely to find your lost item. If you need additional help in finding an item, you can activate the crowd-sourced Community Find feature.  

5) eBags Ultralight Packing Cubes​ — For those who are extremely organized, these cubes are for you. Their lightweight design allows you to pack outfits or shoes separately. They hold their shape well due to their mini-frames and they come in a set of five. The mesh tops are perfect for visibility and ventilation. 

Each one of these items has been designed to make traveling easier and more convenient, especially since every airport and airline have different packing and baggage regulations. They also make great gifts for other travelers whom you may know. I wonder what the new travel items will be next year!