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Travel gives everyone the opportunity to explore a new city, region or country. They can learn about customs, languages, and histories. It’s also a great way to relax. No matter where you live or what profession you are in, stress is an issue. We don’t know how to “unplug” and truly enjoy the moment. Going on vacation helps us to lower our stress levels and recharge. Plus, planning a trip is a great deal of fun! Part of your research should be checking out the latest trends in travel. Below are some of the newest trends that can make your trip more interesting.

  1. Traveling with Loved Ones — Traveling in a group makes a trip more exciting because you can learn more about your loved ones and discover new places to visit from them. It’s also a great way to catch up with them.
  2. Using Social Media to Get Travel Insights — Almost everyone has a blog about travel. Some have dedicated their lives to traveling and sharing their experiences with their audience. This creates the authenticity travelers want because they know the bloggers are giving their honest opinions and experiences. As more people travel, there will be more travel blogs. By reading a number of them, you may save time and money.
  3. Exploring a New Region — According to SmarterTravel, the Middle East is making a comeback. Many travelers have stayed away from this region, including Egypt, Jordan and Turkey, due to safety concerns. Travelers will want to experience these countries that have UNESCO-designated sites and delicious cuisines.
  4. Visiting the Caribbean — The islands are coming back after the hurricanes that devastated them (e.g. Maria). After reconstructing their infrastructure, these islands are also reconstructing their tourist experiences. Tourists will get a new look at the Caribbean, including new hotels, activities and restaurants. Also, there are more flights to the Caribbean from the smaller cities in the United States (e.g Denver) to help boost tourism.
  5. Booming Boutique Travel Agencies — There will be new boutique travel agencies providing unique travel experiences. These smaller agencies have the resources to find the remote destinations and/or the tailored experiences travelers want. There are a number of agencies that offer “off-the-beaten-track itineraries,” such as JetBlack and Milk + Honey Travels.

The travel industry continues to expand and create unique vacations. This year, there is a stronger focus on the experiences that can be had on vacations. Ducatus offers travel packages to exotic destinations, such as Istanbul, the Philippines and Vietnam. If you book a trip with Ducatus using the Ducatus coin, you will receive a discount. Start planning your next adventure today!