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To many of us, travel is the ultimate luxury. Travel not only satisfies the need for much-deserved relaxation, it is also a learning experience. So when you have a chance to take some time off for travel, by all means treat yourself to a luxury vacation. It is a great way to celebrate a milestone, perhaps a promotion, graduation or even a marriage. It can even be on your bucket list. If you are planning a luxury vacation soon, here are some destinations and places to check out.


Bali, Indonesia

If basking in lush greens, walking amidst rice paddy fields and watching gorgeous sunsets bring joy to you, look no further than Bali. And at Ti Amo Bali Resort, you get the true Bali experience, highlighted by cuisine and culture. Each room at the resort is decorated with a natural simplicity that adds to your luxurious experience. From your bedroom, enjoy a 180° view of the garden, nature, pool or mountain along with free wi-fi, breakfast in your room and a driver to take you to the attractions. The spa will melt all your stress away with custom treatments in a serene setting. Or, choose a villa or room with a massage. There is plenty to see and do nearby, including the Devil’s Tears, Sangeh Monkey Forest and Griye Br Lebah Timpag Tabanan.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is the most luxurious and expensive city in the world. If you want to experience pure opulence, Dubai is the place. There are a number of places to visit during your stay, such as the Burj Khalifa (formerly Burj Dubai), Dubai Mall, and The Address. Located in the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, is The Armani Hotel. This hotel is the collaboration of Giorgio Armani and Emaar Hotels & Resorts. The hotel is Green Globe certified and just minutes away from the shopping district (i.e. Dubai Mall). My company Ducatus has a partnership with Emaar due to their commitment to preserving resources, creating sustainable operations and providing ultra-luxe services.



It doesn’t get more luxurious than the Maldives. Lily Beach Resort keeps in step with an all-inclusive plan that includes large, luxurious rooms with whirlpool tubs in outdoor bathrooms. Decks are also outdoors and have direct ocean or beach access. They toss in plenty of little extra luxuries like stocked mini-bars, suntan lotion, and aloe vera. This resort features both family-friendly activities and romantic options for couples.


With Ducatus Travel, we can help you with your travel plans. Plus, you can also enjoy the luxury of being able to pay for your travels using cryptocurrency. We offer a number of packages to unique destinations, including Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia. If you pay in Ducatus Coin, you will receive special deals. No matter which location you choose, you are sure to have the once-in-a-lifetime experience you deserve!