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Autumn is a wonderful time to go on vacation for a number of reasons, such as attending festivals, observing the fall foliage, and enjoying cooler temperatures. One of the best places to visit in the fall is Germany. Aside from Oktoberfest, Germany has a lot to offer. For those who love hiking, it’s the perfect time to take in the peak colors of fall foliage. There are also castles, cities and national parks to explore. Below are a few things to see and do during this time of year. 


  1. Oktoberfest — Located in Munich, this is a very popular festival, so it is best to book your trip early in the year. This festival is over 180 years old and starts off with the parade of the Wiesn landlords and breweries. There are a number of rides, such as the Toboggan and Wellenflung (carousel swing). Skyfall is a crowd favorite with a drop of 80 meters — it’s tallest mobile drop in the world! However, Oktoberfest is widely known for beer and food. It’s also a great way to try German cuisine. Don’t miss out on exploring Munich for its history and shops.
  2. Castles — There a number of castles in Germany that offer tours. What makes them special this time of year is the foliage surrounding the castles in yellows, golds, and reds. There are two, in particular, you should visit: Hohenzollern Palace and Hohenzollern Palace Sigmaringen. They are the ancestral homes of the Hohenzollern family for nearly 1,000 years. Both offer tours, exhibits, and events. Where else can you stroll through a castle while sampling regional specialties? 
  3. The National Park of Saxon Switzerland — For those who love the outdoors, this place offers hiking, rock climbing, and cycling. It is also an amazing place for photography, with the unique rock formations, “chalky” cliffs, and deep gorges. It is recommended that visitors enter the park via the “yellow streetcar” to avoid spoiling the park’s natural beauty. The National Park Centre offers exhibits and events as well as a cafe and educational programs. 
  4. Alsfeld — This town is the home of the Brothers Grimm. You can take a “fairy tale” tour that has several places relevant to the brothers. Another interesting note is the architecture of this town. According to, there are over 400 old timber-framed homes and stores as well as homes of different sizes. 


Autumn in Germany is the best time to see the vibrant colors of the foliage as well as experience a variety of festivals, beer gardens and delicious dishes. There are smaller crowds and the weather is still warm to enjoy hikes and tours. It’s best to plan the trip early since hotels quickly fill up approaching Oktoberfest. I’m all set for Autumn in Germany and I hope you too can come and see what makes it such a wonderful experience.