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Ronny Tome

Travel & Hobbies

Ronny Tome

Travel & Hobbies

While Ronny Tome is a busy entrepreneur who focuses much of his attention on his work with Ducatus Global, he makes sure to keep life interesting and enjoyable with some hobbies and interests outside of his career.

Born in Germany, Ronny Tome has lived in Bali since 1995, and a sense of wanderlust has kept him traveling since. Ronny Tome has an adventurous spirit and loves to travel to new places, something he often does for both work and pleasure.

While some people, when traveling, prefer to visit areas popular for tourists, Ronny likes to travel off the beaten path and explore areas often overlooked or under-visited as a chance to see places for the beauty they truly are at their core, rather than seeing what everyone else sees.

As someone who loves food along with travel, when Ronny visits these destinations and locations that are off the beaten path, one of his favorite things to do is try the unique cuisines and dishes that make the area special.

Alongside travel, Ronny Tome loves sports. Since even before he was at university — where he majored in Physical Education — sports and athletics have been a part of his life. He played a number of sports throughout his life and has found soccer and tennis to be his two favorites, in which he participated a lot during university.

An adventurer at heart, it’s no surprise that Ronny would choose an exciting career to match. He is the talented entrepreneurial mind behind the revolutionary Fintech business, Ducatus Global, producer of Ducatus Coin. Rather than creating yet another hacker-operated cryptocurrency, Ronny Tome challenged the industry and created a business-backed cryptocurrency with affiliate businesses including Ducatus Health, Ducatus Ducatus Travel, Ducatus Cafe, and Ductatus Academy, among others, all accepting cashless payments and helping consumers learn to use cryptocurrencies for everyday purchases.

Ronny made a mark in the cryptocurrency and Fintech world in 2014 when he executed the largest Bitcoin transaction at the time, selling a villa in Bali for more than US$700,000 worth of Bitcoins. A business innovator at heart, Ronny’s experience with cryptocurrency, tied with his extensive entrepreneurial experience, fueled him and ignited the creation of the inventive Ducatus Group of companies across the globe. He speaks fluent German, English, and Indonesian, and is happily married with two children.

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